Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Creative Space

Ok so after years of dreaming about my ideal creative space I have finally cornered the back of the lounge room as my craft area. It is sectioned off with the lounge and while I do not have the exact storage pieces I would like I have managed to make do. This week seen my dear 2 yr old climb onto the back of the lounge and while I thought everything was out of his reach he proved my wrong by emptying an entire container of embossing powder over the lounge and glitter on the floor.

I proptly logged into ebay and scored a bargain on 5 filing cabinents that each had 2 stationary draws and best of all they were lockable! So I have spent the last few days rearrainging and now have hanging files in the filing draws, a cabinent for each colour family and a file for each colour. Talk about obsessive compulsive!!!

The best thing is so far the 2yr old has stayed out of my creative haven. I will take some photos tomorrow hopefully and post them.

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