Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Still trying to work out this whole Blog thing.

Thanks to everyone who has made comments - I'm sorry I havent seen them before now but I'm still new to this blogging thing and havent worked out all the niggly bits yet. If anyone can tell me how I can group my posts in categories ( that shows up on the side under a different heading) That would be fantastic.

Thanks again for the comments. And I will try and post more often but between fulltime work a young family and all my other crafty obsessions card making sometimes takes a back seat which is a shame cause I enjoy it so much.

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Leah said...

Hi Kylie, thanks so much for your great comment. To answer your question i just pick colours i like. Your other question, when your making a new post down the bottom it says, Lables for this post, next to that is a white box, put a word in there eg. baby, christmas etc. Thats it. I hope this helps you.
Keep up the good work.