Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wedding Invite

Ok so I've been asked to come up with a few designs for a wedding invite and I have created this. The invite is made for 12x12 card stock and each piece will make two cards.

The finished size is 5in x 5in. I used the Brocade Basic stamp set.
And a metalic silver paper. Using this paper you need to use staz-on ink.

It opens upwards.

This is the inside of the card, at the top is the invitation itself with all the ceremony and reception details. My printer has decided it doesnt like the black ink that is in there at the moment so it prints everything out grey.

At the base of the card is a pocket that holds 4 pieces of paper - varying in size with the smallest piece at the front, then the next biggest and so on and so on. So its like a stepping up effect.

This is again printed on silver metallic paper. It also looks amazing on ivory.

A close up of the 4 paper inserts in the pocket
For this wedding there was a directions page, a wish list page, a preprinted RSVP postcard and a list of Hotels for the reception area.

A close up of the inserts - Again should be in black ink print but the printer is playing up. The blacked out rectangles are done on purpose for privacy reasons.

Ive worked out that the invites cost approximately $4 an invite depending on the Quantity ordered and that would include envelopes.

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